Starter Checklist

Here is a handy guide to give you the information needed to start using JoinLive.

Please see the key points on our meeting checklist:

Browser-Based - Although you don’t need to install anything to use Joinlive please be sure you are using the most up-to-date version of the browsers we support, which are: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Yandex.
Upgrade your browser if you use another.

Allow Sharing Notifications - Joinlive will need to ask your permission before sharing so please check for any notifications asking to share Webcam and Audio as well as screen sharing. 

Close Unnecessary Programs - As with any other presentation it is important to be prepared and minimize issues. We recommend closing programs or applications that are not needed when using Joinlive for the very best performance.  

Here are a few things we recommend you check before starting:

 Is my camera and audio working and not set to ‘mute’? - Your computer may have its own mute or disable settings - make sure to check everything is ‘on’ before trying to share access.

 Is the room I am using suitable? - If you are sharing audio and video take a quick look to make sure your background gives the right impression for you. Be sure no background noises such as traffic can affect your presentation.

 Do I have the windows and documents I want to share ready? – Take a moment to make sure you are ready to share with everything in the correct order and section.

 Am I ready for this meeting? – It is not much different from a real meeting- are you comfortable and in a good position to talk? Do you have water to drink? Make yourself feel at home and be ready for the long haul.