Joinlive Basics

Welcome to Joinlive ! Check how Joinlive can help you with creating a webinar from this guide. If you don't find your required information here, please email us at


Either choose a random name to launch a room instantly or enter your own room name - we generate a URL which is now your meeting room address.

What is ‘claim my room’? – Think you will be coming back to live webinar? Simply keep the name you chose for any time you return, for life.

To invite people just give them the room address - you will see a range of tools that let you invite by email, SMS and Social Media- don’t worry, you can invite people later or at any time.  


Joinlive has zero installation - once your attendee receives the room address URL you just created they can join by clicking the link. The link will take them directly to your meeting room.

If you created a randomly generated room the attendee will be placed straight inside the meeting once they click the link. If you want to control when people are able to enter you can use options such as ‘password-protected’ rooms.

It can be good practice to advise attendees to follow the same guidance as to the host - to check their browser is up-to-date and that they are in a suitable environment for an online meeting.  


Now that you are a host in your very own Joinlive you will have a range of tools to help you present and share your ideas.

Here are some important things to remember:

Share screen with your attendees - Keep the windows ready and choose to either share your complete desktop screen or just part of your screen.
Own the control - you can remove people from the meeting and also invite when the meeting is in progress. Live chat can also be disabled if you prefer to address questions later as a discussion.
Take your time - remember to allow time for people to join and the time for them to activate their mic and audio.
Control the discussion- you can choose to either disable the audience’s microphones allowing you to present or have an open discussion.