Difference between Meeting and Webinar

Meetings and webinars can be compared to lessons and lectures- both have a very different feeling and style.

Meeting - A meeting is where everyone within the group is able to talk and discuss.
Webinar - It allows only the host to talk.

So much like a lesson, a meeting is interactive, dynamic, and more of an open discussion where anyone can speak at any time. A webinar allows the host to present much like in a lecture with the audience remaining silent until prompted. Don’t worry - if your session needs to start in the style of a webinar for you to first present the information you can then switch to meeting mode within the room to open up a discussion.

Although your audience is set to silent you can always ‘pass the mic’ to an attendee to speak or make use of the live chat option to address questions or save them for later. 

Before inviting your attendees and starting a live session it is important to know what type of room set- up is right for you. You may be presenting an idea to a large number of people or simply having an open discussion with a group of colleagues- each situation presents its own benefits and challenges and you should be fully informed before starting out.