Switch Room remplates (Meetings)

1. When you are in the room click on the “Webinar” in the upper menu bar. Click on the “Meeting interface template” to choose the clean interface layout with a full-screen camera.

2. Below you will see how to find menu options in the meeting interface template. 

1) Chat menu
2) Participants list
3) Turn on audio & video
4) Turn on audio
5) Switch to AV – Full-screen camera
6) Invite participants
7) Lock the room
8) Record the meeting
9) Start session

3.Click on the three vertical dots to check the connection, see the information about the meeting, change the room mode, or change the room template from the meeting interface template to the webinar interface template. You can also change the language of the room here.4.Click on “+” to find all the rest of the ArchieBot functionalities.