Polls & Surveys

1. Name - here you will find a list of the polls which you created earlier
2. Created At - here you will find a date when you created a certain poll/survey
3. Create New Poll – when clicking on this button you will start creating new poll
4. Start - Clicking this button, you will start the poll for the participants in your room
5. Close - Clicking this button will close the Polls& Surveys menu
6. Actions - clicking this button will open a dropdown menu
7. Edit - you can edit poll/survey
8. Duplicate - you can duplicate poll/survey
9. Delete - you can delete the poll/survey you don’t need anymore
10. Results - here you will find the votes of the participants
11. Run a mini poll – this will open a poll in the window below the chat

How to create a new poll?

1. Poll Name - here you add the name of your poll/survey
2. Add Questions - here you are adding questions to the poll/survey
3. Save Survey - this button directs you to add Questions Menu
4. Cancel - If you don’t want to create a poll click this button
5. Close - If you don’t want to create a poll click this button

Add questions menu - How to add questions to your polls?

1. Question - you add your question here
2. Answer type - you can choose from three kinds of answers. “Single” - means that the attendee can choose only one answer. “Multi” - means that attendees can choose a few answers to one question. “Open” - means that the attendee needs to give his/her answer.
3. Answer Text - you add possible answers to your questions here
4. Add answer - if you need more than two answers please click this button to add another answer
5. Poll Details - give you the poll info. Remove question – delete the question you don’t need. Another question - adds another question to your poll/survey
6. Save Survey
7. Cancel - if you don’t want to create a poll click on this button
8. Add file question - you can also add file answer
9. Audio file question - you can also add an audio file answer
10. Emoticons – you can use emoticons in your questions and answers 
11. Close

Mini poll window appearance and the participant view of the poll window
Mini Poll window under the Chat window

Poll window – participant view

1. Question
2. Answers
3. Finish poll - when you answered all the questions you click it
4. View as Manager - when you are a Host or Presenter who started the poll you can also view it as its manager