Understanding the JoinLive Webinar Overview Page

Copy Link to Invite Participants:

    • On the webinar overview page, you'll find a dedicated section "

      Share this link to invite participants" with the button labelled ''Copy''

      Clicking on this copy link provides you with a unique URL that you can share with your intended audience to invite them to join the webinar.

Display of Total Registrants vs. Total Capacity:

    • The overview page prominently displays the total number of registrants who have signed up for the webinar.
    • It also shows the total capacity value specified during webinar creation, allowing you to track the number of registrants against the maximum capacity allowed.

Statistical View of Total Views:

    • JoinLive provides insights into the total views of your webinar.
    • This metric indicates how many times the webinar page has been accessed or viewed by potential participants.

      Total Number of Participants:

    • The overview page includes a section that showcases the total number of participants actively engaged in the webinar.
    • This metric gives you real-time visibility into the audience size during the webinar session.

      Conversion Rate:

    • JoinLive calculates the conversion rate, which represents the percentage of registrants who registered for the webinar out of the total number of registrants specified.
    • This metric helps you evaluate the effectiveness of your webinar promotion and registration process.

      Quick Preview and Unpublish Option:

    • Positioned at the top-right corner of the overview page, you'll find convenient options for quick preview and unpublishing the webinar.
    • The quick preview feature allows you to preview how the webinar will appear to participants before it goes live.
    • The unpublish option enables you to remove the webinar from public view or make it inaccessible to participants temporarily.

By leveraging the features and insights available on the JoinLive webinar overview page, you can efficiently manage your webinar, track participant engagement, and make informed decisions to optimize future webinar experiences.

If you have any questions or encounter any issues while using these functionalities, feel free to reach out to our support team for assistance.