Selecting Presentation Types for Your JoinLive Webinar

JoinLive offers different presentation options to suit your webinar needs, whether it's a professional broadcast, collaborative meeting, or pre-recorded content. Here's how to select the type of presentation for your webinar:

Log in to your Joinlive account using your credentials.

Once logged in, navigate to the Presentation section, typically found in the left navigation menu.

Choose Presentation Type:

    • Within the Presentation settings, you'll see options for different presentation types:
      • Studio Broadcast: Ideal for one-way professional presentations or panel discussions with up to 5 on-screen panelists.
      • Collaborative Meeting: Host interactive meetings for up to 50 participants to collaborate on-screen. Note that there's no broadcast option available in this mode, and the participant limit is capped at 50 regardless of account level capacity.
      • Pre-recorded Webinar (Evergreen): Simulate a live presentation by automating the playback of a pre-recorded video.

    • Choose the presentation type that best suits your webinar goals.
    • Click on "Save" to apply your selection.

      Note on Presentation Type Change:

    • Keep in mind that once the webinar registration is started, the presentation type cannot be changed later. Choose wisely based on your requirements.

      Preview Layout Screen:

    • After selecting the presentation type, a quick preview of the layout screen will be displayed on the right side. This gives you an overview of how the presentation will appear to participants.

      Configure Pre-recorded Content Source (If Applicable):

    • If you've selected the Pre-recorded Webinar option, you'll need to configure the source for your pre-recorded content.
    • You can choose from platforms like YouTube or Vimeo and enter the Video ID only (not the entire URL).

      Schedule and Deliver:

    • Your chosen presentation type and pre-recorded content configuration will be available to attendees at the scheduled time.

By following these steps, you can effectively select the presentation type for your JoinLive webinar and ensure a seamless experience for both presenters and attendees. If you encounter any issues or have questions during this process, don't hesitate to reach out to JoinLive's support team for assistance. We're here to help make your webinar a success.