Utilizing Engagement Tools for Attendees in JoinLive Webinars

Engaging your audience is essential for a successful meeting experience. Join Live provides various tools to enhance interaction and participation among attendees. Here's how you can utilize these engagement tools:

Log in to Your JoinLive Account using your credentials.

Once logged in, locate the webinar you want to customize engagement tools for from your list of scheduled webinars.

Click on the webinar title to access its settings.

Within the webinar settings, find the section labelled "Engagement Tools"

Available Engagement Tools:

JoinLive offers several engagement tools to facilitate interaction among attendees:

      • Session Chat: Enable a chat facility that allows attendees to engage with each other before, during, and after the session.
      • Live Q & A: Allow attendees to post questions to panelists in real-time during the session.
      • Surveys: Set up and send post-webinar surveys to collect valuable feedback from attendees.

Toggle Chat and Q&A Features:

Depending on your preferences and the nature of your webinar, you can toggle the Session Chat and Live Q & A features on or off.

Enabling these features encourages interaction and participation among attendees.

Set Up Surveys:

If you wish to gather feedback from attendees after the webinar, you can set up and customize post-webinar surveys.

Define survey questions based on the insights you want to collect from participants.

Save Changes:

After configuring the engagement tools according to your preferences, click on the "Save" button to apply the changes.

By utilizing these engagement tools effectively, you can foster a more interactive and engaging webinar environment for your attendees. If you have any questions or encounter any issues while customizing engagement tools, feel free to reach out to JoinLive's support team for assistance.