How to Create and send invite emails in Joinlive

If you're looking to promote your webinars and reach a wider audience, Follow these simple steps to create your marketing campaign within Joinlive:

  1. Log-in to Your Joinlive Account using your credentials.
  2. Once logged in, navigate to the webinar for which you want to create the marketing campaign. You can usually find your webinar listed in your dashboard or scheduled events.
  3. Within the webinar dashboard, locate the left pane selection and find the option labelled "Marketing." Click on this option to proceed to the marketing page.

    On the marketing page, you'll have the option to create your first marketing campaign. Look for the "New campaign" button and click on it to initiate the campaign creation process.

    Enter Campaign Details:

    Fill in the required details for your campaign:

    • Campaign Title: Provide a title for your campaign. This title is for your reference only and helps you identify the campaign.
    • Email Subject: Craft a compelling subject line for your email invitation to entice recipients to open it.
    • Invitation Content: Compose the body of your email invitation using the editor provided. Basic formatting options provided
    • Contact List: Choose an existing contact list to send out the invites. If you haven't created a contact list yet, you can click on "Create new contact list" to generate one.
    • Send Options: Decide whether you want to send the invites immediately or schedule them for a later date and time.
    • Save or Schedule Your Campaign: Once you've entered all the necessary details, you have the option to either save the campaign as a draft or save and schedule it to be sent later.

Manage Your Campaigns: After creating your campaign, you can view a list of all your invite emails on the marketing page. Here, you'll have the option to edit details or view the status of each invite email, whether it's in progress or has been sent.

By following these steps, you can effectively create and manage marketing campaigns within Joinlive to promote your webinars and engage with your audience. If you encounter any difficulties or have questions about the campaign creation process, feel free to reach out to Joinlive's support team for assistance.